I learned about Juneteenth writing a story about it for the Forth Worth Star Telegram. I’m from Connecticut, and was unaware of this holiday until I spent the summer of 1977 as a reporter intern.

I don’t remember much about the celebration, other than that it was in some kind of field with bleacher seats. I interviewed an older black gentleman about what the holiday meant to him, and the staff photographer got his picture. The story ran on the front page the next day.

Fort Worth is still celebrating Juneteenth, and in a big way.

Open source has been through a lot over the past 30–40 years, both technically and culturally.

Shortly after I joined WSO2 in November, Joseph Jacks asked if I’d be interested in participating in the Open Core Summit Dec. 16–18.

The resulting interview touched on multiple aspects of open source, including…

Eric Newcomer

CTO at WSO2, longtime architect, author, industry observer

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